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Testo Retro Otw

One hand off that (?)
And I'm like
Leave it
Let me do that
Oh my god, I feel kinda sick
Now give it to me
Like I mean, it's just the way I'm built
I get to be sick and I kept doing it
You know what, this stuff like, this is one of these things that would feel awful, but I would do this through that, I would get through that off the feeling and I'd be addicted to it
Ha ha ha

I told you
We both quit smoking and then he started again
Why did he start this, why did he start (?)
That is absurd
And that's how I am
Ehm, so I'll...

After all, something
To the end
(?) to be something
Unless you
(?) with me
Stay (?)
You're still (?)
You don't know the (?)
This is (?) have to wait