Big Dreams Testo

Testo Big Dreams

spit on me is what you'd like to do
since I'm not what you want from me
on the bus move & mumble like I'm some sort of infectous disease
disrespect is all you'll get for it- we're not bound to give in
walk on me, it comes in flows out quick
you won't get out a cringe

look around, what do you see?
youth who could use some regime
I know the fall of your big dreams hurts
I'm sure you'll find a scapegoat to blame

this is not the first time I see it happen- every generation has its whore
but it's not a valuable reason to be such an asshole like you do
I don't behave the same I hate the people who deserve it
it's my rule
thankfully I've found out a thing- not everyone's a fuckhead like you

look around, what do you see?
no spirit of aristocracy is here
just a bunch of disenchanted people like me
pull the trigger, it's all you can be