Powerdrill Testo

Testo Powerdrill

I hit you baby I feel no pain
Drown my sorrow in your sweet sustain
Prettiest thing I ever heard
Sonic seducer, pure power surge

Turn it up, get it off the ground
We're taking off at the speed of sound
Wind it tight and the valves burn bright
Push it on into overdrive
Ooh I need it, got to feel it,
Better believe it
Speed kills
Yeah, I love you
Got to have you
Baby you're my powerdrill

You're mine, mine, mine
My prize possession
Singing six string sex obsession
Hard and smooth you're lying next to me
In raw resonating ecstasy
All the straight suckers say I'm out of my mind
They don't understand the axe I grind
Got a low end rumble when you're turned to "D"
Got force ten maximum velocity