The Great Fire Of London Testo

Testo The Great Fire Of London

Something in the city or a name at Lloyds
Networking yuppies and the same old boys
Safe in glass houses of high finance
Now there's a change of circumstance

Walls of jericho tumble down
The river floods into the underground
You can't buy your way out of this one
It's the great fire of london ,the great fire of London
Ruthless and Godless material men
Making damn sure the meek inherit nothing
You looked down your noses at the waifs and strays
and pissed on the homeless in shop doorways

A monument to a world gone wrong
feeds the inferno till kingdom come
The first are last, theres nowhere left to run
from the great fire of London,the great fire of London

Burn down London,London burn down

Corpses at smithfield where martyrs burned
Political deaths because you never learn
Millions die to enrich the few
you screwed the world ,
now the world screws you