A Little Less Familiar Testo

Testo A Little Less Familiar

Let Me Begin, I have a death wish.
Dangerous is the ground beneath my feet,
But its not my fault, that's how you made me.
Product of every thing you wouldn't think,
My first trick, out of nothing I'll make everything.
Now I can't sleep in my own bed,
Without lying restless, singing songs in my head.
Will you believe in what I do,
If it's not exactly what you wanted me to do?
They'll bury me with nothing but the clothes on my back,
So I intend for clothes and memories to be all that I have.
We grow up so fast, most of us with nothing to show for it,
But paper and calloused hands.
Oh, to see it in this light, It's the beauty of stage fright,
Their eyes like diamonds,
In the spot lights, their eyes like diamonds, worth more than diamonds.
Take me away, I don't belong in this place,
(I'm prepared to stand alone if that is what it takes)
With these tied down people and the cages they made for me.
I am a species that you've never seen,
Take me away.
Don't tell me to let this go, I've got all bets placed against you.