A Matter Of Utmost Importance Testo

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Testo A Matter Of Utmost Importance

Oh the people I have loved and passed by like strangers,
I'll never understand.
When I am a lion and you are a lamb,
You'll never understand.
If I could take back anything, would I leave the bad blood?
My tongue is a dagger.
How big are these fires set by my own harsh words, my words.
This bridge is burning down to the ground,
And my words set the fire, lets hope yours can put it out. any
I have to say that I'd like to change whatever is pushing you out.
You can't imagine how it feels to start over when there's nothing left for you.
Just when I thought I had this figured out,
Love sick, where is home, where is home?
I can't help but remember what I do.
The pictures, the people,
The wind took them all away.