An Ocean In Between The Waves Testo

Testo An Ocean In Between The Waves

Run away, I'm a travellin' man
Been working every day
I watch you as you hesitate
Walking through the rain

I bet against the company again
Been trying to redefine
Everything that I know and love
Gotta know you're mine, yeah
Feel the way that the wild wind blows through the room
Like a nail gun through the heart
That just don't beat the same anymore
That might as well be gone

I'm in my finest hour
Can I be more than just a fool?
It always gets so hard to seem bright
Before the moon

Far away ma, there's a black sun risin' overhead
There's a moon through the midnight rain
How can I surround myself in time and time again?
How can I be free?

Just wanna lay in the moonlight
See the light shine in, see you in the outline
It never gets too dark to find
Anybody at anytime
I'm at the darkened hillside
And there's a haze right between the trees
And I can barely see you
You're like an ocean in between the waves