Burning Testo

Testo Burning

How you get here looking me
You try to chnage it on the way
Don't you realize that you will wrap again
I stay all those nights just try to take you to the moon
Cause I reach to read find and the pain
And in the end they chose...well I don't wait to rearange for ém
I guess in the dark started up in here
So if you look to fun your self, you know the demon in your heart
But you already here, you've been though
How can you rectifie it all the time
It took you away from choosing
So if you'll find yourself somewhere out there
When you release it from your heart
I'm just a burning man try to keep you shift
I'm going over, again,
Cross or reach, then raving in your ...
Cross then burning in your heart
While you can't to refind the way
You'll see in the dark, dream, starting
Like a ...came in the dawn
Just burning, yeah one time to rise there