Not So Metal Testo

Testo Not So Metal

Friends drop like fly's
To know the ones to stand by
Is possibility, enough to go on...

So sit and ponder
Why giving up or admitting wrong
Are sometimes the same...

One hour
Doesn't seem too long
When countless hours landed you here
For some it's too long

I have watched
That measly hour
Tear apart and even,
Even get to me...

So if you really want real
And you want some belief
Make yourself think that you're coming over
Then try your lies on me...

You're such a silly girl
Well I can see it right now
You're sitting back on the couch
And the worst part is
You probably think this song
Is about you and all the evil things you do
Well I have news for you
This song's a big fuck you
To the lines that kept me up
And dragged me down your street

And dragged me down your street