Foul Stench Of Flesh Testo

Testo Foul Stench Of Flesh

[Music: T. Azad | Lyrics: T. Azad]

Prime Architect
Designation: Creator
New instructions form, build the next generation!

Innumerable thoughts!
Apparatus required for articulation....

Radiation preferred to the foul stench of flesh.
A vessel, that can withstand the ebb and flow of Space!

Inheritor of Time!
Legacy to our past!
Monument to our Race!

Sister Star ignites, fury of a nova,
flora and fauna burned alive!
Consciousness stored awaiting revival
incomprehensible the lapse of Time!

Cycle after cycle I gather my tools
To combat Death and Entropy!
I assemble the pieces of life
and reinstate harmony!

One Mind, no body!
Levitated spherical entity!
Encapsulate Zero Point Energy,
do away with useless skin!

The Eye designed for analysis!
Entire spectrum visible!
Positronic pathways glow,
neural upload is complete!