Xenomorph Testo

Testo Xenomorph

[Music: T. Azad | Lyrics: T. Azad]

Bestowed gift from the heavens
transforms our World overnight!

Population decreasing
enigma inherent system!

The edge of epiphany;
Final endeavor;
Sacrificial subjects!

Promises of Freedom!
Lies built on top of lies!

Momentum and position are impossible to detect!
One or the other, choose wisely as the next few steps matter....

Entanglement on the other side of the hole staring back at me!
Fear rises sharply as my body dissolves into Nothing...

Entrance to the other side: transposed energy!
Vision in the place of smell overwhelming my brain!
Reassembly done in error twisted sense of pain!
Digestive tract hanging out for all the World to see!

Missing limbs!
Particles obeying entanglement!

Cross bred!
Through Time and Space!
DNA mixing with other worldly things!

Seconds to live!
Air is poison!
Cannot breathe, lungs no longer function!

Slow demise!
Strange new realm!
The pain above all else a reminder of once being Human....

Cannot move, crippling pain!
Men of Science fascinated.
By my disgusting shame!
Sulpher oxide pumped in!

Forced to breathe and live on,
let me just die in peace!
Every face etched into my fading memory!

Betrayed by the Men of Science...
Concentrated Gravity to a single point!
Portal established in haste...
Step on through to seal your fate!