Highest Form Of Understanding Testo

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Testo Highest Form Of Understanding

First night I spent in california I was homeless in Venice beach

It was all a dream
Came to California at seventeen
Little n-gga tryna bubble up from the crack scene
It got so complicated than I graduated
Haters so mad I made it
How could I fly so high only to feel so low
How do they live so fast only to grow so slow
Like when you short no support for your kids
But got money for marijauna just to smoke with your friends
Or that woman who survives and beats cancer
Only to be drowned in debt with no answers
The frequency of tragedy it happens so rapidly
That we became numb, we embraced this insanity
(?) and smoke his whole family
Reality TV thats not based in reality
Stuck watching train wrecks everybody going for self
Self worth is important but for money and wealth
This mentality of me, f-ck everything else
Its a virus, a disease I'm a victim myself
But I swear before I leave I'ma fix it I swear
I'ma fix it I swear
Yo you better beware

Rich boys kill his own wife knocks his teeth out
Cuts his finger off than escape with a suicide
The king of pop died, Michael Vick was fighting dogs
But he walked and did his time let him throw the f-cking ball

As the markers keep crashing and people get desperate
Putting faith in the false feeling so disrespected
Turn to this record the highest form of understanding
Understand me, fight a flight for your family (come)
Walk with a soldier (come)
Talk with a soldier
Centerblocks stop shooting straight from the shoulder
As we all get older and hope falls over
And damn you was 6 years sober
And just like now you back were you started square one
And you can't bring it back when that bullet leave the gun
As the planet get smaller, prepare for the North American Union
A (?) to replace your dollars
Narcisistic society love paparazzi
Get the starbucks for your overpriced latte
Ignoring all the signs, nevermind is your mindstate
Until the end of time, sh-t is closer than you think man.

[Trick Trick]
I've done been in situations where the only thing that I can do is read the Bible
(?) where a piece of metal the only way of survival
Made up my mind that I don't ever want to return
Chance was given again now I'm back out in the World
Made a promise to God but living in sin
I can never lie to God but it's so hard to live right
I'm carrying 7 point 62′s to fist fights
Aint nobody playing fair they cheat no cheat
(?) finna be the topic for the preachers Eulogy speech
The word say “turn the other cheek” thats what they teach us
But Peter sliced the ear off a n-gga rollin' on Jesus
I don't wanna pause I'm doing what I'm supposed to do
I'm a real n-gga one from a million chosen few
Everlasting pain has got my brain like its trapped inside a maze
Have you been unfaithful to the game (damn shame)
18 years you never beleived him thats yo son
Go and see him muthaf-cker
You f-cked his mother
The God Damn common courtesy never applied to you
Cause you thought she lied to you
You couldnt see your own mother in his face
If you die he'll be in a better place
Bring the tape back