100 Dollar Boots Testo

Testo 100 Dollar Boots

Got your killers in the whitehouse, killers on the street
Bullies in their playgrounds and in their three-room suites
There's a lot of punk rockers in a hundred dollar boots
Dishin out their money to the men in business suits

(Chorus)I know, I'm pretty damn naive
So let's go, anarchy in the streets
And I know, I'm too damn naive
So lets go...
Got a lot of problems and I don't know what to do
Even when you shout out loud no one'll listen to you
We got hate a plenty and it's plottin who to kill
If we don't kill each other you know someone else will


(Bridge)I'm just a boy, with a guitar and I know it won't take me anywhere
Can't sing, can't dance, the world's messed up
and I know I'll never make anyone care but still sometimes, sometimes

See a million heads jumpin jumpin up and down
bouncin to the beat of a global rockin sound
so now I'm rockin out on stage, music's saved us all
but this is just my vision and my vision means fuck all