The Boston Song Testo

Testo The Boston Song

We're goin nowhere, when our bridges have burned down
We get up, we live another day
No future for any one of us
and even Boston, it seems so far away

(Chorus)Pretend you're gonna go somewhere, pretend that you not trapped
By a life that's caught you standin still and it's never comin back
for me or you, for me or you

I just can't sleep, I got bad thoughts in my head
I close my eyes, I see the world in flames
Ten years, if we're lucky, but no one is saved
That isn't certain, we just have to change


(Bridge)We only got one life, we only got one chance
We got lost in the woods of hatred and shame
You know we'll never make it out if we try breakin out
Because this ain't about some god damn game