Empty Testo

Testo Empty

Are you empty? Empty today?
I will bring you a cold glass of rain
I would swallow the key to this cage
If you haven't thrown it away

With the heart of a cannibal
Of a desperate animal
You reach for the light
But it's just out of sight
Take your time,
it'll only feel like a life.
Draw the line,
it'll only feel like a knife
cutting into your deepest places.
cutting into your deepest places now.

Overwhelming flowers:
purple, blue and gold...
somewhere in the garden
a true love was born;
and when the last petal
has fallen to the floor,
I will love you 'ever more.

In the firelight, and the fading skies:
in the blinking eyes,
and the pools of time.

We are the flowers...
We are the flowers of...
We are the flowers of oblivion...