In You Testo

Testo In You

If I could exist in your breath,

And if I could rest in your bliss,

Would I find the piece that I miss?

Would I find the peace I resist?

Am I in you?
Do I end or begin you?

A messiah is at my gate.
He says I've lost my way,
and the pariah is coming down.
He's coming down
gonna waste this place.

Yeah, he's coming down:
he's gonna waste this place.

Am I in you?
Do I end you begin you?

Am I in in you?
In your breath?
On the shore of your bliss?
Would I?
could I?
would I end or begin you?

In you: lost my way.

Would I?
could I?
If I lost my way?

In you, ... lost my way