Meet Me At The Hudson Testo

Testo Meet Me At The Hudson

Staring at the buildings, it makes me feel like I'm alive for a while
I snuck outside for a cigarette and sat myself down on the pine
Hoping for a passerby
I'm not much of a talker, and I've never been
They say a city kid never survives without wit
So I'm testing my hand, I'm testing it with you
We don't know if that party will get out of hand tonight
But I know they've got money, so drugs they will be in our plans
For a while
But who knows after that, as a matter of fact
I don't wanna end up in the same place
I'll wake up in a bed with a person that I've never met
And feel better than this
I won't be around the way
I can't sit back without anything to say
I'm only one man alone, with my own little holes
And I wish I could say, I wanna be on my own