Young Statues Testo

Testo Young Statues

I wanna take it back to as far as they would let me
I wanna climb inside and feel all the sun at my feet
I'll hide all my naivety, at least be sure to try
A statue I'll forever be, just promise you'll put out the fire
No I don't wanna wait
Did I start off on the wrong foot, to end up on the right track?
You might be useless, hey but, I'd like to play my hand out
I forged a war, you stated your love's not to admire
I can't be sure I'd hate it, if you would just put out the fire
If maybe I cared, then maybe I would be afraid
But I don't, and I won't
No I don't wanna wait
You wanna tell me where you've been, I know
I wanna hold you till you let go, or choke