Life Is A Struggle & Pain Testo

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Testo Life Is A Struggle & Pain

[Hook - 2x]
Life is a struggle and pain, I can't see the
Sunny days 'fore the rain, G-O-D please
Help me to maintain, because I don't
Wanna die, if I'm living in vein

Sometimes I just wanna scream
But I know, G-O-D will make it right for me
When I feel like I can't take no more, of these rugged streets
I let him take over, now my mind is free from worries
So many negatives, I can't fall
Got my cheese, and Pac's are posted on my wall
If I make any more mistakes, I can now learn from em all
Cause I'm grown now I found him, so you know I'm strong now
I write my songs, with plenty of pride
For my people, that done burned for years and died
Don't you wanna grow over your child, so you can know who you are
Instead of putting the world on pause, just to drive that fancy car
Hey boy, I want you to feel me now
Cl'Che know you got it pain, won't love you anyhow
Need you to help that little sister you know, build some esteem
You wanna know what's on her mind, and not in her jeans
Let's make this world a better place, for the living
Let's make our minds a better place, for thinking and listening
My people, let's try to make a change
Cause I don't wanna die, if I'm living in vein

[Hook - 2x]
Even with God in my life, it's still hard in my life
Motherfuckers call it so close, to be fraud in my life
And I can't understand, Z-Ro ain't doing no wrong
That's probably why they be fucking with me, thinking I'm all song
But it's all gravy you wanna hate me, then go on hate me
Cause I've been looking for reasons, to take it off safety
And a motherfucker don't make me for me, lay me feeling on me
Like nobody don't really want me, the pressure creeping up on me
I wonder what happy is, cause I've never known it
People I meet ain't partnas, they potential opponents
Cloudy days, and the place I come from running from cops
Put it down in the alley way, when they pass I'm busting some shots
Sorry God, I know I ain't got no business selling dope and tripping God
Show me some inspiration, when you see me slipping God
Cause when I die, I don't want it to be in vein
I'd rather serve in heaven, won't be in the Penn in the flame

[Hook - 2x]

Know you can go anywhere you wanna go
You can be, anything you wanna be
You can see, anything you wanna see
If you keep G-O-D, first everyday
And it hurts, the daily living while you flipping
Through your hood, with your partnas kicking
Click tripping, don't know why he had a short living
You don't know, yeah you know
He ain't the first, oh how the truth hurts

So I'ma go, where I wanna go
And if I'm pressing for a fo', that's what I'm gonna blow
Long as my bills paid and my rent paid, it's all gravy
Cause when I was on this, ain't nan one of my people saved me
Life is a struggle and a pain, but I'm maintaining
I pray I won't get found naked, with my brains hanging
Too many niggaz, trying to get me for my paper stack
So I'ma be bout a playa, now where the haters at

[Hook - 2x]