Get Ratchet! Testo

Testo Get Ratchet!

Uh, let's have a party, get ratchet, uh-huh
I get the money and stack it, uh-huh
I make it flip, like gymnastics, uh-huh
Her pussy pink, like it's Patrick, uh-huh
I put the dope in the package, uh-huh
Louis boots, Rick Owen jacket, uh-huh
Bitches be actin' like maggots, uh-huh

Hop in the booth, I'm a beast, uh-huh
Popped a four-wheelie, like Meek, uh-huh
I make some bands in my sleep, uh-huh
Margiela shoes on my feet, uh-huh
Rubber band money, it's neat, uh-huh
Hit from the front, make her leak, uh-huh
We get the green, like a tree, uh-huh
Bitch wanna fuck, she in heat, uh-huh

Shе suck the dick like a pro, uh-yuh
Make a lot, I got on loafs, uh-yuh
It's wintеr, put on your coat, uh-yuh
We going up, like the slope, uh-yuh
I'm preaching like I'm the pope, uh-yuh
I pull up clean, like some soap, uh-yuh
Mute a bitch, need the remote, uh-yuh
Lookin' at you through the scope, uh-yuh

In love with H2O (Doot, doot)
Bear cool the skin on the coat (Doot, doot)
Pick a bitch off, like a fro (Doot, doot)
On the yacht, she's still drivin' the boat (Doot, doot)
On the 42, she do the most (Doot, doot)
Double cup, let's have a toast (Doot, doot)
Put heat on the beat, like some roast (Doot, doot)
Diamonds, they Casper, they ghosts (Doot, doot)

Uh, when I stay in [?] (Doot, doot)
I get that pussy then vanish (Doot, doot)
Coincidence, did not plan it (Doot, doot)
I get my nails done, it's manage (Doot, doot)
This is my car, this not rented (Doot, doot)
I want a talent show pendant (Doot, doot)
Stop lookin' for drip up in Lenox (Doot, doot)
Notorious, feel like I'm Biggie (Doot, doot)
I got Off-White on my back (Phew)
No, I can't cut 'em no slack (Phew)
Band on your head, that's a rack (Phew)
Hand-to-hand, you can get smacked (Phew)
He can get hit with that fye (Phew)
Don't want that pussy, it's dry (Phew)
And you know I will not lie (Phew)
Four-fifty, that's it, what you buy? (Phew)

Huh, stop all that cap on the 'Gram, hmm
He don't like me, his bitch is a fan, hmm
Don't call me talkin' 'bout no grams, hmm
Havin' gas lighter than a band, huh
I walked around like the man, huh
All of my friends, they is dead, huh
Free my brothers out the jail, huh
She wanna lick on my dreads, huh
In Cancún, adiós (Woo)
In a Rolls Royce, I'ma catch a holy ghost (Woo)
I'ma pick 'em out, like eeny, miny, moe (Woo)
Made that money double, like double Joe Rogan
In New York, I'ma milly rock, uh
She do anything for the cock, uh
Presidential book, like Barack, uh
She up the room, like maracas