Time Travel Testo

Testo Time Travel


Aye, pop out in the city, get popped like a bitch
Diamonds be hittin', you see through the tint
Yo diamonds be blurry, I might have to squint
From the back, apply pressure, I might leave a dent
You bought a chain but you ain't pay yo rent
I'm doin' straight but bitch you got me bent
Keep talkin' lil' bitch and I might just get pissed
Just made a fifty, I started with ten
I got in trouble, its lean in my piss
Good thing there's ice on my wrist
I'm drinkin' Scotch and she drinkin' on Henny
Told her to get in this whip but no benny
She wanna get in but she is a penny
Walk 'round in designer, walk 'round with a semi
I got me some money, I got me some money
And it came from rappin', it's not from no stimmy
I come from the city where niggas be parkin' they cars and they bitches be showin' they titties
I'm swervin', I'm drivin this Scat Pack through traffic
It's lemon-lime, I know the people gon' see me
Like poof, gone, do magic like Genesis
The roof gone, look up and see Venus
I'm lit cause my lyrics on Genius
Not textin her back 'til it is convenient
I'm pullin' her bundles on Twitch
I run him down, whoop his ass with a switch
I'm gettin' money, they think it's a glitch
Now I'm wearing purple, I came up from Fitch
I caught a bad bitch, flew the bitch to the West Coast, then scratching her name off the list
I'm all in her throat, let's see if you can drive this boat
Drink Wocky, I don't want no Tris
I'm sipping dirty, I got my cup double
I drip head from toe, don't step in my puddle
If I pull up on you I ain't trying to cuddle, let's get to the point bitch, we Netflix and fuckin'
Keep it 100, won't change for the money
Monkey see monkey do, you niggas monkeys
Dig in that pussy like Halloween pumpkins
When I get the pack I'ma dunk it like Drummond
I jumped off the porch, I was like cowabunga
These VV's gon' shine in the winter and summer
I rolled a wood and it's thick like a mummy
Smoke that to the face, make me walk like a zombie
You seen them guys and I heard you was running
I'm moving slick, I can't hang wit no dummies
Might hop on a jet, catch a light straight from London
Speaking of London I'm smoking pound cake, I'm in London
If I like the bitch I'ma like it and comment
You speaking on shit that you did, I been done it
It seem like the pussy get wetter when she wear the bonnet, I pull it straight off when she coming
I think 'bout that money from Monday to Sunday
I walk wit a limp 'cause my pockets too chubby
I'm bagging these bitches 'cause my name is buzzing
We sliming him out with professional gun mans
I like a bitch that's gon' listen
Prove to me that you love me, tat me on yo titty
Suck it all up bitch, don't stop 'til you finish
Lil' hoe can't get nothing but some dick and some Shipleys
I'm balling like Dennis, my youngins some menace
Hop out the bed, I just know that I'm winning
I'm on Rodeo with stars in the ceiling
Rick Owens down, all black like a villain