Idiom Wind Testo

Testo Idiom Wind

We could talk all night
but talking isn't real
We could put a name on it but it's not the real name
Perfect Fun
Call it what you want
it still won't last that long
You're headstrong
sorry but you're wrong

Educated man
Doing everything he can
which isn't much because his education isn't worth a damn
Try getting off your ass
Try picking up an ax
Things are overgrowing and it's time for ruthless cutting
Words without sweating

Educated Man

You're the idiom, baby
twisting in the wind
Remember how you would take the bit between your teeth

Idiom Wind

All you do is rough the surface
you're exposed when everything you need is underneath

If you grew a spine
If you live a long time
Tragedy is bound to find you

You're headstrong
Words without sweating