The Shape Of Things To Come Testo

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Testo The Shape Of Things To Come

Sit down, turn around
Shape shift when you're tongue tied,
I'm so tongue tied,
Put the movies on, don't care what I see,
Just a situation, a saturation
And I'll be saturated, until the low comes.

Thought about it for a long time,
Took a hurricane to make up my mind,
That I gotta go.
It's a foolish game, ain't no reason for,
A trite little concept, a fabrication
I need it anyway,
Because it's the shape of things to come.

Sat down, closed eyes,
Took a deep breath, under a big sky,
I was eviscerated, it pulled my guts out.
Turn the movies off, there's enough to see
We all want the same things for our family,
And I'll be agitated, 'til I cross the Mississippi.