I Leave You In Peace Testo

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Testo I Leave You In Peace

I was a child when the fear found me
Its cursed thoughts coiled around me
Alas, I sought a path, to escape its sadistic reality
My senses flood with fire and blood
Presented in such simplicity
The clean line quakes, splits, and breaks
Liken to roots beneath a tree

The one divides
Before my eyes
Spreading out like veins, the imposters now ingrained
The golden streets will flood
With warring siblings blood
An endless strife to prove, their pathway is the truth

As their battlefield burns, I walk away
On one another they turn, I turn away

Splintered by survival's self-serving feral jaws
Accompanied by its prideful, non-lamenting claws
You've created and summoned
The destroyer of mercy
The maker of lost ways

Detached I am drawn into the empty
Expanding horizon as it is
Slowly unfolding itself
My vision is fixed on the smoldering sun, sitting low in the
Formless hands of space
Rays of light not unlike blowing swords ride in strange
Patterns through the skies
Violent waves of hiltless blades shift and shake, turning calmly
From gold to white
They sever all that is within their grasp until this world bleeds
Soft and quiet before me
In the void I hear the whispers of long dead stars tell tales of
Order through disarray
They say behind the veil of chaos lies peace

Possession triggers change into tangible signs to see
Barren of the fruit to bear, they're strangers to me

I wish them peace