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Testo Jinba Ittai

I was born behind these eyes
Sewn into this skin
One with the flesh machine I'm embedded in

I hold my children's breath
Feel their mother's pain
Share my brother's blood
Within my sister's veins
Cry my mother's tears
Through my father's eyes
Tethered to this realm
In consciousness' disguise

A promise unspoken, for it could never be kept
Offering passages of safety so the host won't disconnect

Yet the mouths of our graves sing songs of unknown places
And laugh as we struggle to escape

I have lived behind these eyes
Existed in this skin
Defined by the flesh machine I'm embedded in

The mouths of our graves call these bodies home

I will die behind these eyes
Shed away this skin
Detach from the flesh machine I was embedded in

Separate perception conscious separates