Cost To Be A Hoss Testo

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Testo Cost To Be A Hoss


You gotta pay a cost to be a hoss, run the south and be the boss, lay low and break em off, but all them boys know what i'm about

Counting stacks ain't all that fun, afterwhile it gets you lost,
just take a second and think about it, you gotta pay a cost to be a hoss

(Repeated Twice)

Verse 1-Z.B.

See i run the dirty dirty with my swag i'm so bad
they all up in my face and i'm like hold up girl step back
first i, first i let my shirt go, then i let my chain hang
Z.B.'s a trendsetter so they all gonna do the same thing
Hit the track with Chris Cross, ya'll know that i gotta floss
diss on me i'm a cut you off
when i blow up i'm a break you off.
Yeah i'm a hoss, i got the mic
hit the track and i'm looking tight,
Haters all up on my back, no way am i gonna relax
hit the track with an attitude, if you don't they'll cap at you
Oakley shades, black as adam
shoes white their my rapping shoes


Getcha self paid
Getcha self paid
Verse 2

I'm in the crowd with two stacks
ice shining like chrome plates and that's a fact
see i would shake my dreads but i ain't got none on my head, so i just body rock doing like chris said,
When i'm up in that booth, my mind goes crazy
I open up my doors and them girls calling me baby
(Please Save Me)
I got room for them ladies, but i'd rather be by myself cause they all wanna play me
And this rapping is a blessing
lyrics this hard ain't gonna never sell for less son
and that's a lesson, i'm a put it in your brain
and when you hear this hossyou gone never be the same
that banner kid is throwd, just listen to his rhymes
i'm yelling through the crowd that i'm always in my prime
So gone and walk it out, (Southside) Two Step (Two Step) go ahead and grab my arm cause your dude left
Come here, i'm a tell you like my haters, cause they don't understand why i'm getting all these wages
And it's cause i'm on my grind,
that's why i'm a hoss see
hook me up on myspace and i can tell you all about me

(Chorus Repeated Twice)