No Hesitations Testo

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Testo No Hesitations

(Z.B. talking)
The trick is to never hesitate
to make your move, to take it, if you want it..get it

No Hesitations no never
No Hesitations

Verse 1

You can't touch me when im like this, im floating
Ghostly, deep, bitch my soul is like an ocean
There's plenty currents and ways to go, but i chose one
And whichever i chose i expect you to shun
So go ahead and run,
you'll see your mistake when im done
but for now kick back and relax cause the storys just begun
Sometimes just to see if im ligit, i write a word on a piece of paper and i spit
And hope it all fits, just to see if i can rhyme off it
and if i can't split metaphors then i'll quit
its sad but i do this shit just to test my wits
If it ever comes to it, when i lose my voice
then i will myself, and i will also lose my choice
But that ain't gonna happen, cause im still here rapping
And i will never quit cause to me its like maddening


Verse 2

I write this song in a lonely room, one lonely night
alright i admit it, every nights a fight
I struggle with myself alot
most of the time its cause of what i have, and what i don't got
I want the fame, i want people to know my name
My worst fear is a sucky job with little pay
i want a record deal, so quick give me one
but my parents they don't care, their like forget it son
and all i think about is beats around, below, and all above it
I hate rap so much cause im really in love with it
and its a struggle just to hold on to my mind frame
Is this normal, or do you think i went insane
See im a real nice dude, you just need to know me
i got plenty of friends, just take a look up at my homies
its hard for me to maintain this shit, so im a let it go
My life is lost already but i think i found the flow


Z.B. talking as beat goes out