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Un Ragazzo Tutto Nuovo - Hi-lo (J.t. Money)

Hit 'em (17x then to background of hook)

Hook: 2x

Hit 'em hiiiiiiiiiiiii

Hit 'em loooooooo

Verse 1:

I only drop the hotness

Don't see haters cause them suckers can't top this

Ain't nobody in da game who can stop this

When it come to wicked flow's you know I got this

Every time I drop this

I come like in a black ?

Ready to waste shit

You see them killers with me and them suckers jack quick

I put it down

Like this shit is too heavy

I let you know I'm coming, you still can't get ready

We blow a pound

Nigga fuck smoking them nickel bags

We big flossin'

All you clowns looking fag

Play crazy boy

Recline you like laz-e-boy

Fuck wit JT boy

You a see what a happen to ya

I ain't just rapping to ya, nigga it's on

I'm in dis bitch one mo gen claiming my throne

That playtime you suckers had is over with

JT Money in dis bitch

Nigga know dat shit

Hook: 4x

Hit 'em hiiiiiiiiiiiii

Hit 'em loooooooo

Verse 2:

I turn it off and on like light switches

Taking suckers out the game who ack just like bitches

I'm nice wit dis

Ain't no time for no sucker shit

You see a nigga violating better bust his dick

Got no luv for no snakes and no playa haters

Pushin' these fuck niggas buttons like they elevators

My shit too hot and I'm coming straight for yours

Fucking you up nigga like you at "The Source Awards"

Close shop, nigga don't stop playboy

? got game but I play none

Don't step out yo league into big tyme

Talking 'bout you wanna get mine

??? ??? time, nigga what

Bring the ruckus

Taking out these suckers

I keep saying that coz I mean it muthafuckers

You suckers and busters, I can see thru ya heart

You niggas scared of war

You don't want it to start

Hook: 4x


Hit 'em loooooooo

Verse 3:

Nigga, I'm taking no pity on these buster niggas and trick hoes

Stay on the grind, on the mound

Probing to git mo'

Now can you fuck wit da J?, shit no

You niggas know dat I'm gone win from the git go

So git yo-ass up out of my face

Who dat off brand nigga tryin' to get erased?

Going down baby boy

Money Man in dis bitch

Gotta problem wit dis shit

We can handle dis shit

Hook: 6x


Hit 'em loooooooo

Hit 'em (until fade)