Come And Figure It Out Testo

Testo Come And Figure It Out

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
I know I look like someone
who could have any girl
but the truth is all I want and
ever wanted is you
listen up now, strain your ears
take me seriously (because I'm serious)

hello, Miss you don't know my name
I love you (I love ya)
since the day we met the very first time
I've wanted you (I wantcha)

I'm out of luck,
I'm out of time
that's why I'm stuck
in this scene of crime
but I can assure you
there's nothing there to worry about (I'm just a petty-crook)
I'll steal your heart
I'll steal your heart, baby
just a minor offence

And yes, you're looking good
oh, it is understood
but things ain't going
the way they should
so come and figure it out

and yes. you're looking good
oh, it is understood
but if you don't believe
I'm being serious
just come and figure it out
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