Mr. Jukebox Testo

Testo Mr. Jukebox

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
hey Mister jukebox
play that song for me
don't be a jokebox
just push play and you will see

girls in the corner
are they having fun
`bout clothes and make-up
that's not my topic
though they're looking tropical
but the tape in my pocket
would make them dance
is this your party?
oh my god
this is my advice now

hey Mister jukebox
wanna hear that song from you
don't be a jokebox
if you don't play it, then you won't see

the party's over
before it started
and everybody
regrets the bus fare
you just plug your cables
start turning your tables
but as far as I see
this ain't the mood that it used to be

I'll keep on waiting for you
I'll keep on waiting for you
to realize, to hear the shouts and cries

that's not what I spoil my blue suede shoes for...
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