I Go Yeah Testo

Testo I Go Yeah

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
Well, if you go mad
I don't mind
'cause I'm mad, too, you know
every day I wake up
I feel like a real Super Mario
and it's true, you - I mean you
you've got those symptoms, too
you've got 'em deep inside you
they'll no longer stay

I can see it in your eyes
you want to freak out
all you fail to show
is the ability to let go
I've got experience
let me help you with this

I go yeah, yeah, yeah
and you go yeah, yeah, yeah

so, you go mad
but do I mind?
no, I don't think so
'cause every day I wake up
I feel like a genuine super hero
it's like a beast
that cannot rest
and it's burned into my chest
can't be named, can't be tamed
especially when when I've got the blues

shake your head
shake your hips
just shake everything you've got
shake your ears
shake your lips
more than just a lot
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