Radio Monotone Testo

Testo Radio Monotone

I think I'm drowning
in a main stream again
all those Phils and Chers
that nobody cares about
it's like a fire in the wire
a fear in my ear
no clues in the air,
only jelly everywhere

I guess I really have to switch
the frequency
for I do not want
to go dumb

this is radio, radio monotone

the moment that
they put the needle down
it is the sign to get ready
for another commercial round
like a fire through the wire
I get the burning desire
to shoot this thing onto the moon
and even higher and higher

I could also just switch
the frequency
no, I just don't want
to go dumb

this is radio, radio monotone
they know about fifty songs and they
play them all day long
'cause this is radio, radio monotone
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