Clair De Lune Testo

Testo Clair De Lune

the air cools as the sun sets my eyes swell with simplicity the call of pure nothingness the answer of everything I find myself lost in your majesty the rose tells of innocence like the child inside me its thorns bruise while its heart weeps beauty brave the pain so you may drink of me you lift me as I *walk beside the water look uo to the moon our love becomes a river (rushing wide) as I run into you stars prick their bed of pink bleeding blue and find their way to your eyes as I stare into you self falls away in the twilight this is the first of our summer nights now there is nothing we must be or do if I could freeze this moment in time I'd frame it and hang it in the hall of divine I'd call the whole world and beg them to see how much we love- how lucky I be you lift me as I (*repeat) don't know where I end or begin don't know if that's yours or my skin I feel like I've got nothing to lose everything I am I give to you (*repeat)

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