Final Piece Testo

Testo Final Piece

I stand so tall now, illuminated looking back on tired years ill fated tendrils of friend and foe lost dreams and glowing hopes searching for my invisible goal *but now you fill my life the final piece to a puzzle that has always left me weak now I'm complete on your embrace and there's nothing that could hope to bend my faith Something faltered inside behind my dreams I'd hide never clear to turn my face to the sun where was my angel light the moon of my night the silver lining of my sunset clouds (*repeat) no my heart was not black it was grey lucky I knew I'd see blue sky some day no my heart was not black it was grey lucky I knew I'd find real love some day now there you shine before my eyes my bliss is near to pain as I realise I've always known you would come oh how I've waited so long lead me to where I will next belong (*repeat)

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