Missing The Music Testo

Testo Missing The Music

through these slow days I wonder what I must learn all I hear is empty space, no one sings in my place I'm missing the music as it moved me through the floor I don't have the beat any more, I can't feel it any more *please forgive me for I know not what I do not what I do to oyu forgive me for the hook I've sunk so deep into you deep into you just when the pain fades I go and twist it again twist it again only cause it feels so good I never want it to end so I will wait now while my purpose waits for me oh, maybe I try too much maybe I don't try enough I'm missing the music and the tunes that let me fly I know they're somewhere inside but they've so many places to hide (*repeat) don't give in to sorrow you're lucky you got what you got there will always be tomorrow's crowds to tell that you got a lot if it takes some time to realise force the door to an open mind if you can't fight something don't, don't try (*repeat)

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