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#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
you played a shady game you dried up all I had then you did it again oh how could you do that just lies and token promises you hit me where I stand I guess I must deserve this we all get dealt our hand *keep yourself together keep it straight keep cool - keep cool you wanna play in the game then you'd better mind the rules there's nothing to be gained by screwing me now it won't do - it won't do it's all gonna be coming back around to you **it's just those games we play day and night you chose this way be satisfied it's just those gamed we play for wrong or right win or lose can't give up the fight talk will keep you drown you won't know where you stand their praise will fade away can't take dignity back when friends become your enemies you've cheated all you can guess that's the price you pay we all get dealt our hand (*repeat) (**repeat) I cut you off my list only cause you insist that you are not my friend and yu are not the first to go but the smaller it grows the bigger I count my win cause I have wasted too much time on reason and rhyme trying to justify your head now I don't mind how many times you try and take me on or if we never play again (**repeat) (**repeat)

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