Beyond The Sun Testo

Testo Beyond The Sun

Well if a tree falls down / Does it make a sound / If there's no one to see? /
And if I'm all alone / Everybody's gone / Then it's the real me / Right?

And if you found yourself / To be like no one else / Who would that no one
be? / And if you blew your cool / With life as an april's fool / The truth could be
seen / Right?

Ain't no world in a grain of sand / No flowers to hold in our hands / Didn't got
no million in prizes / The shoe didn't fit in none of the sizes

Pull down the shade / On your window / Go paint it a smiling face / Lose
yourself in the shadows like days

And everything is new and bright / Like vomit kisses on summer nights / A
tooth for an eye / An eye for tooth / A truth for an eye / A lie for a tooth / They

Well if there is a Beast / And your soul's diseased / Would you take its hand? /
If God don't love you / Just be a man / And be God damned

Oh won't you let it come / Meet the enemy of sun / Oh it's there just look
deep within / Growing bigger with your feeble sins

Pull out your heart / Through the rib cage / Go paint it a smiling face / Leave a
scarab in its place

Would you believe that the earth is hollow / And our path is the straight and
narrow / Tooth fairies and Santa Claus / There's troll's blood in all of us?

Would you believe that there's nothing more for us / No more hate / No more
love / No fight and fuss / When everything is said, denied and done

Beyond the sun
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