Deviltry Testo

Testo Deviltry

"Oh rose, thou art sick! The invisible worm that flies in the night / In the
howling storm / Has found out thy bed / Of crimson joy / And his dark secret
love / Doth live destroy"

Oh fallen star of wormwood grace / Grant me the smile of Janus face / Give me
a twin identity / A false integrity

To my city set upon the hill / With a godlike view at my own will / Give me the
cure for the world's pain / Give me the god of cain

For damned in forbearance I have crawled / Half awake I've gotten old / I got
the gum card of every sin / Sent for the Christ to win

Deviltry / Some simple deviltry of sin / Give me black deviltry / The vice of kings
and knaves / The king of kings and knaves /Bunch of slaves

For I got no promises to keep / Wouldn't bother to sow even less to reap /
And I know there's sense in being sane / There's reality to blame / But I still
got something resembling pride / So one more time give me a ride / Crush in
my nasal bone and ride / Rattle my spine
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