The Highland Widow's Lament Testo

Testo The Highland Widow's Lament

Oh, I am come to the low countrie
Och on, och on, och rie!
Without a penny in my purse
To buy a meal to me

It was na sae in the Highland hills
Och on, och on, och rie!
Nae woman in the country wide
Sae happy then as me

For then I has a score o' kye
Och on, och on, och rie!
Feeding on yon hills so high
And giving milk to me

And there I had threescore o' yowes
Och on, och on, och rie!
Skipping on yon bonnie knowes
And casting woo' to me

I was the happiest of a' the clan
Sair, sair, may I repine
For Donald was the brawest man
And Donald he was mine

Till Charlie he cam' o'er at last
Sae far to set us free
My Donald's arm it wanted was
For Scotland and for me

Their waeful' fate what need I tell?
Right to the wrang did yield
My Donald and his country fell
Upon Colloden-field

Och on, Och on, O Donald O!
Och on, och on, och rie!
Nae woman in this whole world wide
Sae wretched now as me
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