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Testo Days Like Today

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Please tell me a story that makes me believe
that the worst is what I've seen
I've been there and done that, it's time to move on;
someone stop this worry song
Another tomorrow is staring me down
I look thru the window and
still wear this frown
Give me a reason to stop looking back
and keep me away from this attack
'Cause I've been there, yes I've been there...

Tormented, overwhelming,
compulsive state of being all the time
But tomorrow, I'll be fine

I don't wanna' think about it, don't wanna' make you
think that everything is alright
And when I think about it, no it's not fair,
and it's dragging me down

A lifetime of learning is what we believe
keeps our lives from becoming
something that's sacred and something that ties
everybody else inside
You've got a secret, I'll tell you mine
Catch me tomorrow, I swear I'll be fine
Give me a reason to stop looking back;
all my intentions are now black
'Cause I've done that, yes I've done that...

Your mindset is a bombshell,
a set direction of what you tell everyone
So keep your head straight,
I'm waiting...
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