T.K.O. Testo

Testo T.K.O.

I bet you never thought you would be tangled up inside this for so long
Now that it's true, what are you gonna' do?
We have been so far from what has been
And if we knew back then, maybe it's something we could mend

I'm into beginnings
Not ones that leave me all alone
From here I can see straight; nobody has to know
Take this as what is given
Your heart's content is frozen
You think you know what I'm about; a technical knockout

I bet you never thought you'd get the chance
to speak another word before you made your point
to shut me up, yea you can call it luck
I've been thru thick and thin and never once would I begin
to give you up, and if I win, would you come back to see me then?
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