Return To Zero Testo

Testo Return To Zero

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Machines are rolling once again
It's time to meet your new best friend
He's in your face and in your pocket don't take your eyes off him
Is he someone you long to be?
Identities are altered for you
Never see what it's really like if it's ugly deep inside
Consumer life, consumes a life to

Hit zero once again and follow life the
Way it's meant to be
There must be something more
In store for me
We can't be forced to see
Hit zero Once again without the thoughts of someone else to blend
There must be something more cos I am bored
We can be forced to feed

He's got a book to sell you too
A self made icon sold to you
He's representing everything I wish had not existed
But somebody else might come and be the one
The one to follow
There's something I've known I've seen this
Herd mentality creates
The fuel to run machines forever
And I have been the worst of both extremes
Self thoughts could be impossible it

Hit zero once again and follow life the way it's meant to be
There must be something more in store for me
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