Consumer Riot Testo

Testo Consumer Riot

Kill today into decay,
we won't have it any other way.
Time to pillage and plunder
destroy our ecosystems wonders.
Consumption with no function
I take what I want with no redemption
So selfish I don't need this
we just buy too much useless shit.

Buts it so darn cute, I gotta freaking have it.
Like a crack head junkie, I'm s shopping fucking addict
To want to, I could buy you, yah baby everything brand new

Always in dept, in regret,
make me happy though I don't need it
Manipulation, from the media
we're gonna break free all of yah
Gone underground with that rebel sound
make alternative media known
No corruption make it function
our baby steps towards a mental revolution

Reject everything that's been taught
it ain't a crime unless you've been caught
You are what you eat; you're told what to see
does this make you, your own worst enemy
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