Revolution Radio Testo

Testo Revolution Radio

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
We won't be beat, victory of the streets
It's our fight against the fucking right
It's nothing new; we've dug our grove
No way in hell that we will move
Tear-break away, everything that they say
We'll see us make it yet another day
Millions strong, it will not be long
Until class war rights everything wrong

From the underground, with that rebel sound
Hey ho lets go revolution radio

Demise, despise every single lie
Won't be a single place left where they can hide
Class mass pushed past the point of stress
We can't take anymore-free market mess
Voice of solidarity is all that we know
Womyn in Nigeria they took Texaco
Voice of dissent that we are hell bent
Yah! You can't stop this movement
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