Foot In The Grave Testo

Testo Foot In The Grave

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
I would like to, to have a choice
No reason why, I have no voice
Bloody murder in the name of profit
Foot on the grave is what my kids inherit
Genetically modified, my fruits are
Frankenstein This ecosystem is about to die

Kill a cowboy hey Ralph Klein.
Your redneck ass is mine
Rape our planet just for profit.
You'd kill your kids in a second

We got this time to fight, to bring the radical right
Democracy held hostage by fascists
From this beat watch me bash this

I think its time,
Time to fight back We plot and ploy,
Plan of attack Replenish all the coal that they dig
And fly some planes into offshore oilrigs
Join the A.L.F. free some kitty cats
Baby gonna be an Eco-terrorist
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