Infighting And Bickering Testo

Testo Infighting And Bickering

Another showdown, another throw down
What makes your opinion better than my own?
Self righteous, borderline fascist,
I don't care if you're a " better " anarchist.
I'm not perfect, never claimed to be
I still believe in diverse left unity
Different voices, different choices
When we eat our own, we destroy us.

We want to bring it all down
A left united mainstream, and underground
Black to red, it's better if we use all our heads.
It would be more relevant if we backed what we said

The elitists, we don't need this
Create change with this bullshit?
Working class to critical mass,
Black anarchists to social democrats
Animal rights, to the pro-choice fight
Need every single voice to take down the right
Defeat the racists, bigots and fascists
Sexist idiots and the capitalists...
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