A New Years Resolution Testo

Testo A New Years Resolution

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
Hearth is cold and dark, heat fails and laughs lose luster.
I can't breathe the air saps life from every falling spark.
Trees are white and stark; fall leaves have lost their color
and I'm holding every wish for shooting stars.
This last night of December, cold ashes to an ember,
light the fires, live desires, burn this eventide away.
This last night of December, let's make tonight remembered.
Don't close your eyes until the light is January's memory.
Every minute's hanging in December.
All this time we're waiting for December to pass us by,
so we can live, so we can die, to break this cold ice.
This cold is making me numb. Let the clock burn away.
Time stands still tonight. Break these ties, say goodbye.
It's almost midnight this won't last forever.
Let's make tomorrow wait forever. Break these ties, say goodbye.
We'll turn, turn these dead leaves and find new life.
Let's burn, burn these endings and fuel the fire of our lives.
Don't close your eyes you'll be just fine this is just a memory
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