Battle Cry Testo

Testo Battle Cry

There's a part of me that's waging war with what my ears are hearing.
The sword Ive forged from molten heart, still crimson red and searing.
This fight wont last, I'm losing fast, can't hold this back for long.
What peace was left is memory, is gone.
There's no peace left, its memory, it's gone.
This is my battle cry. And this battle cry, I'm screaming out for you,
my passion shattering this deadly blade of truth.
And this lullaby I'm dreaming up is due.
Nothing else will ease the pain that this will put me through.
I'm sleeping and dreaming about blue skies until I die.
I'm sleeping and dreaming and wasting away.
Lets take the truth, lets face the facts.
We're at a loss for life, can't change the past.
But the past is wrong and over time we will repeat ourselves and fall behind.
Blue skies until I die. You're screaming, I'm not hearing.
I'll pretend you're not bleeding.
You're sleeping, not breathing and I'm leaving, this is the end
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