Wing Night Testo

Testo Wing Night

Can't wait until the summer, when I'm free of past and days to come.
Cerulean day, encase my mind. In the sunlight I go numb.
But just behind me creeps a darkness that I can't escape,
cause where there's sun there's always shadow.
She says the days go by, I'll never know.
I'm lost for good this time and I'll never let it go.
Up with the sunrise and this time I know, my heart wont skip a beat
just like the clock wont ever slow.
You ran the red light and you never hit the brakes.
You know if you slow down you just might be too late.
But its high noon and were not running from ourselves.
Well die young, before the time can run as well.
It's high noon and its time to slow it down.
We won't die young, not until the sun goes down.
This is our time, this is the clock counting,
this is our life. It's high noon
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