Karma Kills Testo

Testo Karma Kills

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
Collapsing marble walls, foundations sway.
Sturdy columns meet the ground. The last bridge falls to flame.
Pray the strength of silk will save you from yourself.
You've made your crypt of guilt and sealed it with your pride.
Forever lost with secrets you won't tell. Just open your eyes.
You could've saved yourself the pain.
Endless ages of the stars
can tell your hands create the scars and ask you:
why can't you turn yourself away.
You wield the knife that takes your life
and you just pass the blame and look away.
There's no escape, just pass the blame and you'll be saved.
This plague burns on, burns you down.
Now that you've fallen you know there's a way.
Now that you've fallen you know you can change.
Now that you've fallen you won't fall again
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